2019 “Flu” Immune Boost Program

The Immune Boost Program is a self-administered program that includes supervision and monitoring by trained HP (homeoprophylaxis) supervisors. Over a period of 4-5 months, program participants will utilize a homeopathic preparation to boost and pre-program the immune system throughout the flu season.


Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is a method of using homeopathy for disease prevention. This branch of classical homeopathic medicine is safe and effective and may be used to prepare for the introduction of an infectious disease like Influenza. HP aides in the development of a healthy immune system, and traces its beginnings to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s successful treatment and prevention of scarlet fever in 1799. Since Hahnemann’s time, we have literally dozens of well-documented examples of the effective use of HP for the prevention of diseases ranging from malaria, diphtheria, viral hepatitis, influenza, Japanese encephalitis, meningococcal disease, polio, smallpox, to whooping cough. READ STUDIES HERE.

In 1998 the French Society of Homeopathy conducted a survey of 23 homeopathic doctors who used Influenzinum as a flu preventive over a 10 year period (1987-98) in 453 patients (Coulamy 1998). In approximately 90% of the cases, no instances of the flu occurred when Influenzinum was used preventively. 98% of the patients expressed a desire to take the same treatment the following year.
From Flu, Alternative Treatments and Prevention, by Randall Neustadter, OMD

“Giving a homeopathic medicine to people in good health in the course of a morbid condition suddenly affecting a great number of individuals in the same area (such as viral flu) is equivalent to sensitizing them and enabling them to resist the disease more efficiently…it is eliciting in each one a short artificial disease without any danger, in view of the dosage…this is an application of preventive homeopathy.”
Pierre Schmidt, MD. From The Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza, by Sandra Perko, Ph.D, CCN