2019 Immune Boost Program Details

Who is Eligible

All potential participants will be screened before acceptance into the program. Anyone with a healthy immune system may be eligible to participate. The entire family, infants through the elderly, and in some instances pregnant women may be included. Those with compromised immune systems, recently vaccinated individuals, or those diagnosed with autoimmune disorders (RA, Hashimoto’s, eczema, lupus, asthma, COPD, Crohn’s disease, etc.) may not be eligible.

Program Includes
  • Initial screening & assessment via online form and (at Supervisor’s discretion) phone interview.
  • Homeopathic “nosode” sufficient for dosing over a 6-month period.
  • Program guide, with instructions for self-administration and guidelines for assessing any response to doses.
  • Short ‘Dose Response’ telephone assessments* with Supervisor to handle questions regarding response to doses.
  • Discounted rates for acute treatment during the course of the program.
Program Price
  • Single Participant: $45.00
  • Couple: $80.00
  • Family (up to 3): $98.00
* ‘Dose Response’ telephone assessment is 5-10 minutes. If the issue cannot be resolved with 1-2 short calls, an Acute Consult may be required. Additional charges will apply for Acute Consults  during the course of the program.