Frequently Asked Questions about HP (Homeoprophylaxis)

Is HP recognized for the purposes of school admission requirements?
No, not at this time.

My child has already received some or all recommended vaccines. Is he/she eligible for HP? 
HP is suitable for unvaccinated, partially, or fully vaccinated individuals. Depending on the state of the immune system (chronic conditions, prior vaccine damage, etc.), your practitioner may recommend a course of homeopathic treatment prior to beginning HP. As statistics show, even those who have received a full course of conventional vaccines can still be susceptible to infectious contagious disease. They, too, can benefit from the protection afforded by HP doses, as well as the immune system ‘education’ provided by HP.

Does HP produce ‘titers’? 
There is no conclusive evidence to show that HP can influence the production of titers. Furthermore, there is no evidence of a correlation between titers and demonstrated immunity to any particular disease. There are instances of ‘fully immunized’ individuals contracting an infectious disease, and conversely individuals with no measurable “immunity” who never show symptoms when exposed to the same disease.

Isn’t it better to let my child contract the mild childhood diseases like chicken pox and measles?
Many families do choose to expose their children to the standard childhood diseases, and depending on the state of the child’s immune system there is usually no problem with this approach. This is something you should discuss with your health practitioner or homeopath.

What’s contained in the HP dose and where are they made?
The HP dose consists of one active ingredient, the nosode, normally delivered on a lactose pellet. No adjuvants, antibiotics, or foreign DNA are included, and since the pellets contain no live bacteria or viruses, they do not require refrigeration or preservatives.
Like all homeopathic remedies, HP nosodes are prepared by licensed pharmacists in homeopathic pharmacies, which are supervised by the FDA under the umbrella of the HPUS (Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States). Some homeopathic remedies, including nosodes, are available to trained practitioners only. Others, suitable for self-limiting conditions, including first-aid, are available online or over-the-counter at health food stores and specialty shops. More Info

What kind of a response can I expect to the HP doses?
From the FHCi website: It is normal for a child to react to the remedies in the Kit. These reactions are NOT toxic reactions, but represent an immunological effect. They are typically very mild and short lasting (such as a fever, cough, a mild rash, or restlessness for 24 hours or less). Reactions are a good sign and usually indicate that there is some affinity of the child to the remedy given. It is these reactions that help to build immunity. More.

Can I contract the disease itself from a homeoprophylaxis dose?
No, you cannot contract the disease from the non-toxic nosodes used in HP.

Is there HP for travel purposes?
Yes, an HP program can be tailored to meet your individual travel needs. 

Where can I find an HP provider?
Free and Healthy Children International maintains a list of trained HP supervisors on their website.