About homeopathy

Homeopathy is a system of holistic healing that employs micro-doses of natural substances to stimulate a gentle healing response.

Today’s homeopathy is available in many forms. The combination remedies for teething troubles in babies, leg cramps, insomnia, or allergies are just a few examples of homeopathics that can be used at home with little or no training.

First-aid situations and acute illnesses can be treated in the home using the remedies available in most health-food stores with just a bit of training.

For the treatment of chronic conditions, professional training in what is referred to as Classical Homeopathy is necessary. Classical Homeopathy is the system of healing described in Samuel Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine. By definition, a classical homeopathic practitioner adheres to these basic principles:

  • Like Cures Like
    Remedies are selected on the basis of similarity to your unique, individual syndrome of symptoms, not by the name of any ‘disease’ or diagnosis.
  • The Minimum Dose
    “Less is more” when it comes to our remedies. Highly dilute (micro-doses) are all that is needed to stimulate a healing response. Repetition of the remedy is based on individual response, not on a routine formula.
  • Single Remedy
    Using just one remedy at a time – not a combination – allows us to evaluate remedy action and individualize treatment.

Homeopathy has a very proud history of fighting epidemic and chronic disease. In fact, it accounted for nearly one-quarter of all medicine practiced in the US until the 1920’s, when pressure from the pharmaceutical & medical industries nearly extinguished homeopathy from the landscape of American health-care. Today, homeopathy is practiced by doctors and trained practitioners throughout the world, and is accepted as a time-tested, safe, and effective system of healing by millions. For more information, please visit my “Links” page.

This little online book, Homeopathy is Everywhere, is by one of my teachers, Anne Vervarcke.