VAST: Visual & Somatic Therapies

VAST: Visual and Somatic Therapies*

VAST is a unique system that offers the possibility of dramatic shifts in one’s health and sense of fulfillment in life.  As a Level 1 Trauma Trained Somatic Therapist, I have incorporated techniques from both Somatic Reclamation and Somatic Mapping into my homeopathic case-taking.  These sessions  are also available as stand-alone therapies.

Somatic Reclamation (SR) focuses on  reclaiming your nervous system’s natural reflexes. Your body knows what it needs to free itself from the stresses of everyday life. SR is a simple, yet powerful technique that allows you to unburden your nervous system from its habitual patterns.

As you discover and exercise your body’s innate wisdom through the SR Listening process, you’ll experience a new level of freedom and flexibility in daily life. Reclaiming our natural nervous system’s intelligence leaves us less susceptible to the stresses of everyday life, while simultaneously opening a pathway to working with buried trauma.

Somatic Mapping (SM) is a technique for exploration of the psyche that brings an increased awareness of our personal strategies (relationships with family, community, society, ancestors, etc.). Understanding and working somatically with these aspects opens the possibility of greater peace, self-awareness, and most importantly, personal agency.

If you are interested in exploring these unique and life-changing techniques for yourself, please reach out for an introductory call!

  • Somatic Reclamation and Somatic Mapping are part of the VAST Methodology, pioneered by  Emily Waymire).