“As a parent, foster parent, and adoptive parent for almost 20 years I have never met a healthcare provider who took the time to understand my children like Marci does. I love treating my family with homeopathy because it is safe and unique to the special needs of each family member. Our youngest son had many health problems, and Marci has made huge progress with him in a short time, and with very little expense. He has an understanding of his body and what it needs from working with Marci – that is so special. I cannot recommend Marci highly enough for working with children and families to meet their healthcare needs.” Carol A.

“I am so much better with my allergies – like 200 times better!” LS

“I haven’t had a Tylenol in weeks and I used to take 4 at a time for my headaches – that’s huge!” KB

“I feel alive again. I don’t know how to explain it, but I just feel good everywhere. People look at me and say, ‘you look great.’ And I do! I’m amazed and so grateful! “ BB

“Seeing Marci has been the greatest saving grace I have received. I’m able to feel like a real person again without taking horrible BP meds… that didn’t help after 13 yrs.” MJ

“Nothing sings to a mothers heart more than hearing her child resting comfortably after being sick.  Thank you so much and God Bless You for what you have learned and share with others.” LB

“Marci, I want to send you an enormous THANK YOU! In 13 years I have never been able to enjoy spring here. I am feeling so good–it’s truly a miracle, and I am grateful!!” BM

“I feel the remedy you suggested gave me the clarity and grounding I was needing to go about ‘what my purpose is’ in life.” LD

“Homeopathy and your help has kept us healthy thru the season.  It’s the first time in 4 years.  Little sniffles and one bout of upset after a dinner, but the big “H” has worked every time. Blessings.” LB

“This has really helped me. I’m much more clear in my thinking and my ears are better…. I’ve got a lot of things going and I’m feeling really good about my energy. Thank You!” PL

“I have learned so much from the homeopathy class & study group. I have started incorporating all of it into using homeopathy with my family & friends more. I find it has been amazing. We have been saved a few times with Arnica after a bump on the head & my son dropping a battery charger on his foot. There was a huge lump instantly. Used arnica gel & oral dose & was gone in 5 minutes. I look forward to learning more. Thanks for your group!” TA

“Gratitude and Appreciation is what I feel when I think of our session the other day. What a powerful experience! Homeopathy is a truth seeker and I am so very grateful that you stuck with me so that we could find the remedy. I woke up this morning with the experience fresh on my mind. Marci, I am so very thankful to have you as my Homeopathic Practitioner.” PH

“I have great news for you.  My daughter is done with her program at Job Corps and will start at the Art Institute of Washington DC soon.  You can imagine how glad all her achievements make us… and the best of all- free of migraines…. gracias a ti. My other daughter is also doing great… gracias a ti tambien.  She is a senior and looking forward to finishing her course load by the end of this year.” MA

“Marci’s homeopathic consultations have elevated the physical, mental and emotional health of our entire family to a level far beyond where we were when we started.  We are much stronger and happier and continue to grow in so many ways.  I believe homeopathy can greatly help one achieve what we all are striving for, that is, our life’s path and destiny.” HN

“I am absolutely amazed at how different I feel, and am so happy to have found you and your knowledge and expertise. After struggling with insomnia, fibromyalgia, PTSD, and anxiety for over 20 years, and having doctors tell me there is nothing they can do except give me drugs to cover up the symptoms, it is refreshing, and exciting to feel a real difference. A shift in my spirit and my physical body has occurred; I actually feel drowsy in the evenings and wake earlier than I have in years!” SG

“Although our family leads a healthy lifestyle and eats a local, organic Weston A. Price diet supplemented with herbal therapy, our two young children were still struggling with issues that seemed to be coming from a deeper level and affecting their emotional and physical health. I really had tried many things and, finally, felt powerless. On a whim, I googled Chico homeopathy and was introduced to Marci. After her consultation, I gave my youngest daughter the constitutional remedy Marci recommended, and watched a profound change take place! Within days, she was acting like a new kid, happy and strong again, no wheezing or scary, dry cough. Her appetite was back and she was in great spirits for the first time in months. She has continued through the fall and winter months in complete health, with good appetite and growth. Our second daughter’s constitutional remedy enabled her to manage her fiery, reactive temper with one dose. We will keep working with Marci to achieve the health and harmony of the entire family by addressing these deep-lying issues directly with homeopathy. Thanks Marci!” HN